Activate Easy Mode for Shortform Content Creation

Hack the algorithm, save time, reduce burnout & grow an audience that responds to your offers on Tikok, Reels & YouTube Shorts.

The shortformvideo support program streamlines your creative process :

  • Content research & trends you can use
  • Strategy/planning
  • DFY Video editing
  • B-roll content creation
  • Weekly feedback on content
  • Camera & audio training to look professional
  • Better hashtags & descriptions for SEO
  • Add funnels to unlock monetization

Overwhelmed with content creation and underwhelmed by engagement/results?


Less reach than a 🦖, competitors or past videos?


Feeling neglected by the algorithm and confused by trends?


Struggling to 🪝 your audience?


Losing valuable time editing videos or exhausted with creative burnout?


You’ve got some views but need a funnel strategy for sales/appointments?


If your short form content isn’t rapidly growing your audience and booking appointments on autopilot (without draining your energy)..

something needs to be fixed right now.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve watched creators & brands enjoy wild growth with shortform video.

You want to reap the rewards of an ever expanding audience that can be transformed into brand deals, sales & appointments.

You allocate more time to creating shortform content to reach the next level & started neglecting other areas.

The views start flooding in overnight & bam you’re THE go to person in your niche *right?* 🥹

What actually happens?

You spend hours brainstorming & researching content ideas.

You record great content but with sub-optimal quality (camera, sound & lighting issues).

You use hooks that couldn’t catch a cold in Alaska.

Hours spent editing videos, chasing freelancers or wrestling with AI tools that only nearly get it right.

Finally you post the videos (without correctly optimizing the captions or hashtags for SEO).

The result? Videos that flop and time you can’t get back.

Is your content the problem? Did you use a viral formula? Keep posting until the algorithm changes it mind?

You start consuming endless Youtube videos titled “how to make tiktok/reels/shorts go viral in 2024”.

Analysis paralysis sets in.

You burn time & energy that should be used on money moves but you’re strangled by technical bottlenecks.

A guiding hand + offload video editing to the pros.

Get feedback, strategy, content ideas and DFY video editing from the shortform video experts so that your content has the best chance of reaching your audience. Free yourself from energy draining tasks so you can focus on what you really want to do.

We’ll help you:

  • Brainstorm videos ideas: Deep dive into your niche to develop winning content.
  • Edit your videos: DFY video editing to grab attention & look professional.
  • Hack the viral formula: Hook viewers, increase engagement & grow your audience.
  • Look more professional: Setup your camera, lighting & audio for professional results.
  • Write captions & hashtags: Hashtag research DFY + strategy for better video SEO.
  • Diagnose what’s not working: Feedback to make better videos the algo will ❤️.
  • Stay organised: Custom Notion dashboard to plan & organize video content.
  • Post more consistently: Posting done for you to maximize audience reach .
  • Increase revenue: Setup shortform video funnels to unlock monetization opportunities.



How it works:

The program is a monthly subscription which grants you access to our shortform video mentorship and editing services.
Once accepted into the program we’ll schedule an initial strategy call to discuss your goals so we can tailor our service for you.

Every week you will receive a compilation of content ideas tailored to your audience along the optimal hashtags to go with them.
Every week you will receive feedback on your content via loom videos so you know exactly what to do to make better content.

You film & upload your videos to google drive where our editors will turn them into attention grabbing edits.
You receive and manage through notion Dashboard.

We’ll assist you in setting up funnels so that your videos convert viewers into engaged leads.

Access to our training on how to setup your camera, lighting and audio, breakdown of the winning content formula as well as email support to resolve technical issues.

We can even post the content for you so you have 1 less tasks to do .

What’s included:

Initial 60 minute Strategy Session.
1on1 weekly 30-minute call with a shortform video expert.
20 short-form videos edited per month + 4 bite sized viral B-roll posts.
Automated chat funnels that integrate with your appointment booking.
Access to Custom Video Dashboard to plan and organize videos.
Weekly Report with feedback on your content.
Weekly content ideas and trending videos in your niche for inspiration.

BONUSES Included:

– Guide to film better videos with your phone
– Guide to write Reels that go viral
– Guide for stories strategy to increase conversions
– Guide for how to create a viral B-roll with an automated sales funnel
– Custom GPT prompts to easily write SEO optimized video descriptions + brainstorm content ideas at ease.

How to apply?

Please film out the short application form so we can see if you’re a good match for our service.

Our content mentorship program is currently full. Opens again March 20th please join the waiting list.