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Instagram Reels Editing Services


In the war for attention the best ammunition is short, sweet and carefully edited by our passionate team.

In 2023 consumer demand continues to surge for short, engaging video content of less than 90 seconds.

Instagram Reels along with Tiktok are where you should be to capitalize on this shift to experience wild growth in your brand or business

A recent report reveals Instagram users are spending 17.6 million hours a day watching Reels on the platform.

Businesses, content creators and brands have experienced an explosion in views and engagements by adapting to this trend by posting to Instagram Reels. Not only are they entertaining for your audience but they provide a means to connect more frequently to build trust in your brand and services.

Instagram has revolutionized the way we share visual stories, and with the introduction of Reels, short-form video content has taken center stage. However, creating captivating Reels requires more than just raw footage; it needs meticulous editing to ensure it resonates with the audience. Enter: Our Instagram Reels editing services. A game-changer for influencers, businesses, and brands aiming to maximize their online impact.


Instagram Reels Editing: Why It’s Important.


So you’ve created your content, you have a killer hook, now you just need to make sure your videos are edited to keep your audience watching from start to finish.

Instagram Reels, a short-form video format with some similarities to the TikTok platform, offers users the ability to create and share 15 to 90-second video clips set to music. But why is Instagram Reels video editing so crucial ?

  • Engagement: Well-edited Reels can increase user engagement, prompting more likes, shares, and comments.
  • Storytelling: Editing allows for a concise narrative, ensuring your message isn’t lost in unnecessary footage.
  • Professionalism: Quality editing can distinguish amateur content from professional, polished videos that stand out.
  • Driving actions: A strategically placed call-to action at the end of the video can earn subscribers, book appointments & boost sales.


How Instagram Reels Editing Works?


Let’s delve into the specifics. First of all the maximum length for a Reel in 2023 is 90 seconds (whereas an Instagram story is 60 seconds) and they must maintain a 9:16 aspect ratio. These creative challenges are turned into advantages by a talented Instagram reels editor. Videos are both filmed and edited with a vertical alignment.

Your awesome content + a great hook + our Intsa Reels Editing Services = more engagement and audience growth.

Creating a scroll stopping Reel involves a few steps:

Footage Selection:

Choose the best clips that align with the story or message you want to convey. A reel should start with a strong hook so the user is forced to stop scrolling. (Tip: You can even re-purpose content from your long-form videos).

Trimming & Sequencing:

Cut down clips to fit the desired length and sequence them so your message is concise, entertaining, while still highlighting your key-points. We’re experts at cutting out the fluff!
Transitions, Zooms, Pans: Smooth transitions along with pans and zooms can make a Reel more engaging, ensuring viewers stay hooked from start to finish. A video that holds attention should not be too static or overuse the same elements.

Colour correction/stabilization:

Sometimes the raw footage we’re sent can be vastly improved by optimising the colour balance and removing jerky movements.

Music & Sound:

Add background music or foley sound effects. Ensure they align with the mood and actually enhance the content.

Text, Graphics & Thumbnails:

Enhance your Reel with on-screen text, gifs/animations, emojis, suitable thumbnails and other graphic elements to emphasize key points or add creative flair. It’s well studied that visual metaphors and images can improve retention and understanding of a subject.

Tapping into trends:

To stay relevant and entertaining make use of trending content ideas, viral memes and trending music. This is a great way to get the algorithm on your side to reach a larger audience.


Save Time & Guarantee Stunning Videos With Our Editing Service


Many people have the content but struggle with the technicalities of editing. This struggle eats into time where you could be making even more content. By hiring the best video editor services for Instagram reels you can get your time back to focus on content creation and sales or sipping Martini’s.

  • Professional Editors: We only hire professional editors who understand the nuances of social media video editing.
  • Tailored Strategy: No one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor our editing to reflect your unique style and message.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Videos edited and delivered within 1-3 days, ensuring you can jump quickly on trends and always have content for your audience.
  • Videos Posted For You: We make sure you have one less thing to do by posting your videos for you at an optimal reach schedule.
  • Affordable Packages:High-quality editing doesn’t have to break the bank. We provide outstanding quality at a reasonable price.


Crucial Elements To Consider When Editing:


Creating a Consistent Look and Brand Across Your Instagram Reels:

An important aspect of Instagram reels creation is coming up with a uniform visual style across your Reels, this helps boost brand recognition and rapport with your audience. By harmonizing aesthetics, we elevate your content allowing your brand to rise above the the clutter.


Visual Effects and Filters to Help Your Instagram Reels Stand Out:

Stand out in a crowded feed with our premium effects and filters. Our experts harness the latest trends, ensuring that your Reels capture attention and remain in recent memory. Trust us to turn ordinary into extraordinary, giving your content that much-desired edge.


Compelling Captions and Hashtags for Your Instagram Reels:

Beyond visuals, your words matter. Your message matters. We make sure everything you want to say is understood through our expert subtitling Our team crafts compelling captions that resonate with your audience, complemented by strategic hashtags to expand reach. We blend creativity with strategy, amplifying your message and connecting with viewers on a deeper level.


Why Choose as Your Reels Video Editors?


Our specialized focus on shortform content ensures precision and mastery. We understand the nuances of crafting short stories that resonate with your audience, delivering engaging clips that capture attention and stops fingers from scrolling. All of our editors are fluent in English and are experts at turning your raw footage into captivating stories. When it comes to choosing video editor services for Instagram Reels we want you to feel confident that you’ve made the right choice which is why we offer a free edit to suitable candidates, complete the short quiz below to apply!

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