Realtors: Use Tiktok, Reels & YouTube Shorts to 10x Your Appointments


This statistic from Wyzow shows 73% of customers prefer watching a short-form video to find out about a service or product. This overwhelming preference for bitesized video content has transformed the businesses connect with their customers. Realtors that have adapted to these consumer habits have access to an unprecedented audience size and potential clients.

Social media platforms that promote vertical videos of 90 seconds or such as Tiktok, Instagram Reels & YouTube Shorts are hitting new milestones in user activity every quarter with no signs of slowing down.

With so many eyes up for grabs (without even have to pay for ads) it’s time to become comfortable with making this type of content.

A short-form video strategy done right will be the number one ROI for your real estate business which is why many realtors have taken a Reels/TikTok first approach to their social media strategy.

You’re likely already seeing Reels and TikTok’s as part of your own social media habits and perhaps starting to implement them within your business. But for the uninitiated or those looking to better grasp the world of short-form content we’ve prepared this page as an introductory resource covering almost every facet you need to get started with TikTok & Reels.


What is a Short-Form Video?


A short-form video is generally 60 seconds or less in length but the maximum length varies across the social platforms optimized for this format i.e Tiktok is up to 3 minutes, Instagram Reels in 2023 are up to 90 seconds, IG stories are 60 seconds and YouTube Shorts are 90 seconds.

The videos use a vertical format aspect ratio of 9:16 which is the perfect size for media consumed on a smartphone.

The content itself can be anything from property tours, giving industry commentary or insights, answer questions, share tips, even talking about topics unrelated to real estate to showcase your personality and humanize you to your audience. Re-purposing your long form content i.e 10min + videos to a series of shorter videos is an excellent way to produce engaging content. The possibilities are endless.


Reasons for Realtors to use Short-form Content


Virtually shake hands with potential clients everyday

As a realtor or a real estate company connecting consistently with potential clients has a big impact on the number of appointments booked.

Whether you are looking for specific types of clients, such as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings or if you offer broader services that include property flippers, or first-time buyers there is a way to capture their attention with Reel’s and Tiktok’s.

When posting daily, short-form videos help you stay recent in your audiences mind. The more your audience sees the more rapport you share and this builds trust overtime.


Tiktoks and Reels are what your audience is already watching

Marketing reports show consumers are spending an average of 45 minutes per day watching short-form content. Some simple and obvious advice “be where your buyers are” and “use the right bait when you go fishing.”

When considering approximately 84% of people watching these short videos are either Gen Z or Millennials, individuals that make up a large segment of the first time home buyer market means TikTok and Reels is opening up a huge doorway for realtors to connect with both buyer and sellers they couldn’t reach before.

A 60 second video might sound short but attention spans are rapidly declining and the demand for concise information is increasing. The short duration actually means people are more likely to watch the whole thing.

These shorter videos can have a huge impact with the right editing, content pillars, captions and hooks.


Short-form videos build trust and comfort with your audience

A challenge that exists with realtor marketing  is allowing your audience to move past seeing you as a sales person and into seeing you as someone they can trust and relate to. Social media and specifically shortform video allows realtors to show their human side, from personal stories to simply being vulnerable enough to put yourself out there on platforms such as reels, youtube shorts and tiktok builds trust with your audience.

You don’t have to be perfect in front of the camera, in fact it’s better that you’re not. If you don’t feel like talking their are tons of creaitve options for non-verbal content instead. The main thing is to personalize your videos to help you stand out of the crowd and high quality editing can help a lot with that.


Turn existing long-form videos into bite-sized lead gen assets

Some realtors doubt themselves that they’ll be able to come up with content ideas but soon realise how easy (and fun) the creative process is. Especially after taking inspiration from what other people are doing with competitor research.

However for those with creative cold feet that’s no reason you shouldn’t be benefiting from a shortform content strategy.

Chances are you are sitting on gold with the existing video content you use on property listings sites such as Zillow. This content can be transformed into multiple clips to build an audience on TikTok/Reels. Any longer videos on YouTube such as property showcase videos can absolutely be edited into a serious of engaging clips that have you audience eager to book appointments with you.

According to a survey conducted by Biteable, real estate listings that use video content earn as much as 403% more inquiries than those that do not. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself you can  hire a Reels or TikTok service such as our own to take care of editing, posting, content idea research, captions and hooks – simply book a Free consultation.


Which type of content should realtors make for TikTok, Reels & YouTube Shorts?


When getting started with a short-form video strategy most people working in real estate overestimate how difficult it is to produce content. Even for those wishing not to talk in their videos their are plenty of options such as using B-roll footage. Really all you need get started is your smart phone (although a few other items can come in handy). There are free editing apps you can use or you can hire a professional video editor to save you the time

Coming up with ideas can be as simple as looking at your competitors and putting your own spin/voice on what’s working for them. There are a ton of proven content ideas that work great to nurture and grow your audience so keep reading. We also offer a service that delivers to you winning ideas each week that saves you time and energy.


  • Share the real-life of your business – A day in the life video or behind the scenes of a photoshoot or homestaging.
  • Educational / Q&A sessions.
  • Reality vs. Instagram expectations Reel/TikTok.
  • Share the story of how you got started in the the business or a funny experience with a client.
  • Show a before and after transformation of a property.
  • Participate in the latest trends and ride the viral wave.
  • Spotlight your community and introduce your employee’s/colleagues.
  • Testimonial from existing clients or respected members of the industry to validate your expertise.
  • Home Tours: A full tour sped up or highlight clips of a home. Overlay text and add a trending song.
  • Tips for Buyers: Use short clips to answer burning questions, provide market updates and general FAQ’s.
  • Tips for Sellers: Help sellers avoid common mistakes and reduce their stress with expert guidance,

What is trending content on Tiktok & Reels?


A TikTok or Reels trend is an original clip of a sound, dance, hashtag, or video format that goes viral. When a trend gains momentum, it gives creators the possibility to ride the viral wave and grow their audience. Since trend format is essentially a template to add your own flair to it’s a great way to create new content when you’re lost for ideas.

You can grab new ideas each week from plus they have a huge back catalog for inspiration as well but the latest trends usually perform best.


Try POV Reels and Tiktoks


Realtors posting short POV videos can showcase a humanized, behind-the-scenes look at their daily lives, making the profession more relatable. By adding humor to these snippets, realtors can connect with audiences on a personal level, fostering trust and building rapport. Such videos break the stereotype of the ‘formal real estate agent’, offering a light hearted self-deprecating perspective.

Through comedic scenarios, realtors can highlight challenges, successes, and quirky moments they encounter, making their content both entertaining and memorable. These clips resonate with people working in real estate, your potential clients and the public in general so their is a lot of potential reach for this content type.

Example of POV Content

What is B-roll footage and how Realtors use it for Reels & TikTok


B-roll content is a style of video footage that moves away from speaking directly to the camera. It captures natural, unscripted moments, adding authenticity to visual storytelling.

B-roll footage can be anything from behind the scenes shots of you conducting a house viewing to you simply sat at your laptop getting on even something as mundane as ironing your clothes. These everyday moments can serve as visual canvas to share your message.

The magic is that you don’t need to talk during this type of content, whatever your b-roll footage is you can place text spanning any topic you want. Share valuable real estate insights or trending meme humour related to your work. Pair your footage with trending audio and you have a recipe for a scroll-stopping Reel or Tikok.

This style is incredibly accessible and is easy to combine with trends so you can make new content in just a few minutes.


Examples of B-roll Content

Meme Video Content For Reels & Tiktok


Realtors leveraging meme content on platforms like Reels and TikTok can harness the power of internet culture to bolster their brand’s reach and relevance. Memes, inherently viral and relatable, speak the digital language of today’s homebuyers, particularly millennials and Gen Z. By integrating memes, realtors can present property insights, market trends, and even intricate real estate concepts in a light-hearted and digestible format.

The humor of memes allow realtors to connect on a personal level, breaking the formal barriers often associated with the profession. This strategy not only boosts engagement but also cultivates a modern and approachable brand persona in an industry that thrives on trust and relatability.

You can check out some popular meme formats and then come up with your own message to attach to them (we’re experts at doing this if you don’t have time).

Examples of Meme Reels & Tiktoks for Realtors

Day in The Life Content For Reels & Tiktok


‘Day in the life’ style videos on Reels and TikTok have a fantastic impact on personal branding and client relationships. These videos humanize realtors by providing candid glimpses into their daily routines, from morning rituals to end-of-day reflections, participation in the local community, attending industry events, dealing with paper work, time with family etc.

Your audience can be shown property sneak peeks, sparking curiosity about new listings and highlighting neighborhood features. They can showcase challenges faced, such as unexpected cancellations, and their innovative solutions, like pivoting to virtual tours. The key is showing you’re a real person with a multifaceted life and a passion for helping your clients.

Property Showcase Content For Reels & Tiktok


Property showcase videos on YouTube Shorts, Reels and TikTok allow realtors to rapidly capture attention, highlighting a property’s standout features. Their concise nature delivers essential property details efficiently, perfect for viewers with dwindling attention spans. Realtors can ride the wave of popularity by integrating trending music and effects. These bite-sized showcases are easily shareable and can exponentially increase property visibility. 

These showcase videos can be filmed on your phone or repurposed from existing footage from platforms like YouTube. Unlike longer videos that might lose a viewer’s interest, the shorter format ensures focus remains on property highlights. Through answering comments, direct messages and driving call to actions realtors can streamline the process of addressing inquiries, scheduling viewings, and gathering invaluable feedback. Make use of this format in your social media strategy to start booking more appointments.

You might think you need to hire a professional photographer or video maker to film an effective house walkthrough video but you can easily use your smartphone to film one yourself using this guide.

How to use hashtags for Reels and Tiktoks


Just like with any other content type you post ustilizing the best hashtags for your short-form videos will ensure your content is seen by your target audience. If you choose the right hashtags their is the chance your potential clients are already subscribed to and following those hashtags.

Where to add hashtags on reels?

You can include hashtags them in a comment for the reel or in the caption. We recommend putting them in the caption to ensure they are picked up by Instagram Analytics to make it easier to track performance, however, some people still opt to include them in the comments to make their caption less cluttered with a list of tags.

Where to add hashtags on tiktok?

The concensus on Tiktok hashtags is that it’s best to add them in the caption and not in the comments.

Which hashtags should I use for real estate?

A good strategy is to use a mix of broad AND more targeted hashtags. Going too broad topically might mean your post gets lost in the results i.e #Realestate has almost a million posts, that doesn’t mean not too include this hashtag because you could catch a viral wave but also include more precise hahstags to ensure your target audience see’s your content. We want to include hashtags that are relevant to our local markets and don’t have thousands of other posts to compete with.

On Instagram you could start by typing in a seed hashtag such as #Texashomes (287,000 posts) into the explore search bar, from there we see related hashtags such as #texashomesforsale which has 42k posts likely making it a more feasible option.

Where can I find trending hashtags?

To find some trending tiktoks hashttags you can open Tiktok and click on the discover compass icon.

What are some examples of real estate hashtags to use?

#realestate #realtor #realestateagent #home #property #investment #forsale #realtorlife #househunting #dreamhome #luxury #interiordesign #luxuryrealestate #newhome #architecture #house #homesweethome #realestateinvesting #luxuryhomes #realestatelife #business #design #realestateinvestor #realty #sold #entrepreneur #mortgage #broker #homesforsale #justlisted


Content Pillars For Realtors to Use in Reels/TikToks


Content pillars are essentially themes or topics that you create and share regularly to your audience. They help to provide a cohesive expectation of your content for your audience and shape your content strategy.

Below are some examples which also borrow from interior design; researching content pillars of related industries can help you grow your audience and reach new people.

Examples of content pillars realtors can use

Content Pillar Video Idea Call to Action
🏠 Home of the Week Showcase a unique or luxury listing with a virtual tour. Interested? DM for details!
🔧 DIY Home Tips Quick fixes or decor tips for homeowners. Want more tips? Follow us!
🌆 Neighborhood Spotlight Highlight a popular or up-and-coming neighborhood. Want to live here? Let’s chat!
📈 Market Update Brief update on the current housing market stats. Thinking of selling? DM for a free consultation.
🔑 Behind the Scenes Day in the life of a realtor or a home staging session. Join our real estate journey – follow now!
📜 Testimonials Short clips from happy clients sharing their experience. Want a seamless home-buying experience? Contact us!
💡 Home Buying 101 Tips and tricks for first-time homebuyers. Questions? We’re here to help – DM us!
🌳 Eco-friendly Homes Highlight eco-friendly features of a listing or general tips. Go green with your next home – ask us how!
💰 Investment Opportunities Showcase properties ideal for investments or rentals. Want to invest in real estate? Get started with us!
🖼️ Home Decor Trends Latest trends in home decor and how to implement them. Redesigning? Let us help you find the perfect home!

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Examples of Hooks Realtors can Use in Reels & Tiktoks


Hooks are how we grab the attention of the viewer and stop the scroll, it should also entice the viewer to watch until the end of the video. Below we show examples of hooks in 5 categories: Numerical, Powerful, Tutorial, Dangerous, Commanding. Swipe or re-imagine them in your own style.

🔢 Numerical 💥 Powerful 📚 Tutorial ⚠️ Dangerous 👑 Commanding
5 Must-know tips for first-time home buyers. Dominate the local real estate market with… How to analyze property markets for investment. Fix your property pricing strategy or risk… Stop overpricing NOW.
10 secrets for getting the best mortgage rates. Crazy trick to increase home curb appeal. Why you should always consider location in real estate. Warning! Overpricing can lead to… Never do this in a property negotiation.
Double your property value with these… Mind-blowing way to negotiate property prices. What I wish I knew earlier about property taxes. Common mistakes made during property inspections. Steal my proven techniques for successful property listings.
Top 3 neighborhoods for property investments. The fastest way to close a property deal. Toolbox for successful property negotiations. Alert! New real estate scams you should know about. NOW is the best time to invest in real estate.
4 Quick hacks for effective property staging. Insane benefits of hiring a realtor. Cheatsheet for understanding property legal jargons. Attention! Red flags in property deals. Must-have tools for every successful realtor.
  Start doing property evaluations like a pro. Easy ways to enhance your property’s value. Avoid these home staging blunders.  
    Free ways to promote your property listing. Deadliest mistakes made by amateur realtors.  

Equipment Realtors Need to Make Reels & Tiktoks


The following list contains equipment essentials that realtors can use to make compelling and professional-looking Reels and TikToks, ensuring that their creativity isn’t suffering from a technical bottleneck. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to upgrade your toolkit, these recommendations will reduce the friction in your content production:


  1. Camera or Smartphone:

    A high-quality camera or smartphone with advanced video capabilities is the foundation for creating visually appealing real estate Reels. This ensures sharp visuals and smooth recording, enhancing overall video quality.

    Our recommendation:

    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: This phone has a powerful quad-lens rear camera system that can capture stunning images and videos, even in low light. It also has a built-in S Pen stylus that can be used to take notes or create sketches while you are filming.
    • iPhone 13 Pro: It has a powerful A15 Bionic chip that can handle even the most demanding video editing tasks. It also has a triple-lens rear camera system that can capture stunning images and video.
  2. Stabilizer or Gimbal:

    To eliminate shaky footage and maintain stability while recording on the move, a stabilizer or gimbal is indispensable. It ensures steady shots during walking or panning sequences.

    Our recommendation: Zhiyun Smooth 4. It is a lightweight and portable stabilizer that can help you capture smooth and steady footage, even when you are walking or moving around.

  3. Lighting Equipment:

    Good lighting is crucial for capturing appealing visuals. Portable LED lights or ring lights are valuable tools that help create well-lit scenes and enhance the overall aesthetic of the Reels.

    Our recommendation: Lume Cube 2.0. It is a versatile LED light that can be used for a variety of purposes, including real estate videography. It is also relatively affordable, making it a great option for budget-minded real estate agents.

  4. Clip-on Microphone/Lavalier Mic:

    Achieving clear and professional audio is vital. A clip-on microphone or lavalier mic helps capture high-quality sound even in noisy environments, ensuring the message comes across clearly.

    Our recommendation: Rode Wireless Go 2. It is a wireless microphone system that is perfect for capturing clear and professional audio for your real estate Reels.

  5. Tripod:

    A tripod is essential for framing shots perfectly and capturing steady, stationary scenes. It eliminates any unwanted camera movement and ensures a professional look.

    Our recommendation: Ubeesize Tripod S. A lightweight and portable tripod that has a built-in Bluetooth remote shutter. This makes it easy to take hands-free photos and videos.

  6. Video Editing Software:

    After recording, video editing software comes into play. It enables realtors to refine Reels by adding captions, music, transitions, and other enhancements, creating a polished final product.

    Our recommendation: CapCut. It is a free and easy-to-use video editing software that is available on both iOS and Android devices. It has a variety of features that can be used to create professional-looking Reels, including templates, transitions, and filters. If you want to save time and have a professional do all the editing for you.. we might know some people 😉

Article Re-Cap:


TikTok and Instagram Reels have built a bridge for  realtors to showcase their listings, engage potential clients, and build their personal brand with authenticity. Keep in mind the following when deploying your own show-The goal should be not just to be seen as often as possible but to build genuine connections through authentic and relatable content.

A short-form content 1st strategy allows realtors to spend less time creating content compared to long format YouTube videos while yielding a higher return on appointments booked.

Realtors should be considering how to re-purpose their existing long form content into shorter clips and keep this in mind with all new video content.

How Our Short-Form Video Agency Can Help Realtors:

Our services save you time lost on technical tasks and make sure your content is edited to have the biggest impact and provide overall direction in your short-form video marketing strategy services include

  • Editing raw footage into engaging videos with emojis, gifs and captions
  • Repurposing existing longer videos into Tiktoks, Reel and YouTube Shorts
  • Posting videos for you at an optimal schedule
  • Providing content research on trends and competitors
  • Writing bespoke hooks and captions
  • Giving videos ideas and templates

We understand the time constraints realtors face; By letting us take care of the technical tasks and research / idea generation, you can redirect your time and focus to attending appointments and scaling your business.

Book in a free consultation to discover if you’re a suitable fit for our services.

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